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Top 10 best flavors of Element tobacco. Which lines to try?

Russian brand products from Kazan appeared on the market in 2020 and immediately became popular due to their unusual names. Shortly after trying Element hookah tobacco, whose flavors also proved to be excellent, lovers of aromatic vapor compiled their first preference tops. Today we will introduce readers to the lines and features of the ‘elemental’ tobacco fillings for pleasant parties.

Element Tobacco: Flavors, Ingredients, and Collections

Initially, the company released five consecutive lines of hookah tobacco: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Fifth Element. The blend consists of high-quality Virginia and Burley leaves, with no liquid nicotine. Only food flavorings from Europe and the USA are used to give it a unique taste. This ‘pure’ composition guarantees excellent, long-lasting aroma for 40-60 minutes of hookah smoking.
It’s worth noting that currently, only Air, Water, Earth, and Fire lines are available in stores. The limited edition “V Element” has been discontinued.

Features of each line:

  • Air: The lightest blends in the series, based on a blend of Virginia released in 2020. Strength level similar to the popular Starline.
  • Water: The most popular line of medium strength, released in 2018. It contains Virginia and Burley tobacco leaves. Spectrum strength level.
  • Earth: Above-average strength hookah tobacco based on Burley, also released in 2018. Known to all hookah enthusiasts as Darkside.
  • Fire: Released in 2022 as the strongest option, planned to include cigar tobacco additives alongside Burley. It won’t be lighter than the famous Tangiers.

Element tobacco can be packed using a funnel or traditional bowl. The blend should be packed loosely, without excessive pressure, up to the walls. It can even touch the Kaloud without harm. Heat the tobacco with 4 coals, then smoke and enjoy with 3 hot pieces.

Advantages of Element Tobacco:

The company exclusively uses taxed tobacco variants, ensuring the safety and quality of the raw materials. Among other benefits of Element lines:

  • Bright, intense flavor delivery lasting 40-60 minutes without aroma changes at the beginning or end of smoking.
  • Tobacco prepared using a special technology, ensuring high heat resistance and increased aromatic smoke volume. When the bowl cools and requires forced airflow, the blend quickly restores its flavor.
  • Finely cut tobacco, making it ideal for both experienced hookah smokers and beginners. The blend contains no debris or liquid syrup that complicates packing.
  • High-quality triple-layer packaging prevents moisture and light from deteriorating flavorings and spoiling taste.
  • The tobacco smokes smoothly without throat hits, even the strong “Earth,” due to the absence of liquid nicotine and a special tobacco moisturizing technique.
  • The manufacturer offers hookah blends in packages of 25 and 200 grams, allowing users to choose the appropriate volume for sampling and regular use. There were also 40-gram box options, but they have been discontinued, and remnants of the series can only be found on the shelves of large stores. Additionally, each package includes a sticker with the name of the purchased flavor.

Some flavors are only available in one line of the Element series, while others can be found in two or even three Element collections. Selection should be based on preferred tobacco strength.

Advantages of Element tobacco

The company only uses taxed tobacco options, ensuring the safety and quality of the raw materials. Among other advantages of Element lines:

  • Bright, rich flavor delivery for 40-60 minutes without changes in aroma at the beginning and end of smoking.
  • Tobaccos are prepared using a special technology that ensures high heat resistance and increased amount of aromatic smoke. Upon cooling the bowl and forced airflow, the mixture quickly restores its flavor.
  • The tobacco is finely chopped, making it ideal for both experienced hookah smokers and beginners in home smoking. The blend contains no debris or dripping liquid syrup, complicating packing.
  • High-quality three-layer film packaging prevents moisture and light from destroying flavorings and spoiling the taste. The tobacco does not hit the throat, even strong flavors like “Earth” smoke fairly easily due to the absence of liquid nicotine and a special tobacco moistening technique.

The manufacturer releases hookah mixtures in packages of 25 and 200 grams, allowing you to choose the appropriate amount for sampling and use. There used to be boxed options of 40 grams, but they have been discontinued, and only remnants of the series can be found on the shelves of large stores. Stickers with the name of the purchased flavor are also included in the packs. Some flavors are only available in one line of the Element series, while others can be found in two or even three Element collections. Choose based on the strength preference of the tobacco.

Top 10 flavors of Element tobacco

1. Element Water Moroz

The scent of wild cold that will give any mix an icy freshness. Without its own aroma, it only intensifies the cold sensation without changing the main scent of the mix. It is recommended to add 10-30% of the total volume. Usually placed at the bottom of the bowl, adding brightness to citrus and berry mixes, combining well with various fruits.



2. Element Watermelon Holls

The base is sugary watermelon with a touch of coolness and candy aroma. This tobacco is characterized by a sweet taste with a light hint of menthol. It is popular due to its balanced and refreshing flavor, noted by consumers and professionals. It is perfect for smoking on its own or in mixes, combining well with lychee, pear, and other fruits.



3. Element Pomelo-Grapefruit

Represents a juicy flavor of tart pomegranate and sweet pomelo with a slight bitterness. Rich taste of ripe pomelo pulp with grapefruit wedges. The taste is piquant and sweet, making this tobacco perfect for solo smoking and excellent for ready-to-use mixes with citrus, herbal, or berry undertones. This sophisticated blend will appeal to fans of natural fruit cocktails. It is also recommended for mixes with minty or cooling tobaccos.


4. Element Ekzo

This skillful combination of ripe watermelon, delicate strawberry, and a light lemon aftertaste. The rich taste with a sweet aroma and a hint of sourness is perfect for enjoyable smoking. Ideal for smoking both on its own and in mixes. This bright combination of fruit flavors creates an atmosphere of pleasure without extra effort – just pack it and enjoy.



5. Element Rush

A bright and refreshing smoothie made from sweet kiwi, juicy strawberry, and ripe raspberry with a hint of sourness. This aroma will give you a real burst of freshness and flavor.



6. Element Grape Mint

Rich flavor of ripe grape with refreshing green mint. Sweet berry aroma with a hint of mint unfolds on the exhale, creating a stunning combination of sweet grape and herbal mint. This aroma is perfect for both solo smoking and for use in mixes.



7. Element Air Garnet Holls

Rich flavor of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, with a pleasant coolness. This aroma combines the bright taste of pomegranate candies with a tart fruity aroma and a refreshing aftertaste. It is perfect for solo smoking or for creating mixes with berries and herbs.



8. Element Fir

A unique aroma of Siberian coniferous trees, one of the leaders in the collection of medium strength Element Water tobaccos. It combines resinous-piney and herbaceous notes with a pleasant sweet aftertaste. Ideal for solo smoking or in mixes, especially pairs well with citrus, lychee, feijoa, mango, and blackcurrant. Created based on specially purified fir oil from Russia, this aroma has a slightly piney taste with a bright aftertaste, perfectly complementing combinations with fruits, alcohol, and berries.


9. Element Tropicana

This aroma resembles a tropical cocktail, a bright tropical mix of mango, passion fruit, and peach, sweet with a slight sourness. It is perfect for citrus flavor enthusiasts with light herbal notes in the aftertaste. This popular tropical mix will add vibrant colors to your relaxation and uplift your mood from the very first puff.


10. Element Maui

This wonderful tropical combination of sweet and sour pineapple flavor with a delicate exotic taste of ripe and juicy papaya. The aroma offers a bright taste of tropical fruits, perfect for ready-made mixes or combinations with herbs and desserts. We also recommend trying unusual flavors such as Feijoa Lemonade (bright feijoa lemonade), Winter Dream (berry mix with mandarin and hints of rosemary), and Fruit Pulp (rich fruit puree).



Element tobacco collections and flavors worth trying

Element Air flavors
Light, rich, and very tasty tobacco aromas with the weakest strength in the series of lines. Together with the novelties presented today, there are about 30 options of Air. The most popular ones include Berrymore, Choco Loco, Thai Mango, Tropicana, Green Ginger Tea, Baikal, Vanilla Sky. Among other interesting tobaccos in the Air series are: Orchata, Noirmelon, Tamarind, Amazingreen, Bellini, Maui.

Element Water flavors
The very first line, which is currently the most popular. In the collection, there are 20 released flavors and another 6-8 options that can be found in themed stores but are already out of production. The most interesting tobaccos in the Water series: Cactus Fig, Orbital, Watermelon Holls, Belgian Waffle, Lemongrass, Cookie monster, Kalamansi. Other interesting tobacco flavors in the Water series: Pineapple, Grape Mint, Cola, Rush, Siberry, Wild Jam, Choco-Orange.

Element Earth flavors
A fairly strong tobacco based on a blend of Berlin varieties. The second line of blends for Element brand hookahs. Many flavors repeat previous collections but offer greater strength. In total, there are about 26-28 tobaccos in this series, including popular ones: Rush, Elemint, Siberry, Kashmir, Fir, Margarita, Pomelo & Grapefruit. Other interesting flavors in the Element Earth collection: Melony, Wildberry Mors, Mellow Blueberry, Grape Drink, Garnet Yoghurt, Rosella Ice-Cream.

Element Fire flavors
The newest line from the Element brand with the strongest hookah tobaccos based on Berlin pipe and cigar varieties. During smoking, distinctive woody-nutty flavors with notes of bitter chocolate and dried fruits are well revealed. Stores currently offer a limited selection of this series as even the manufacturer’s website does not have a separate page dedicated to them yet. The most popular of their “fire” tobaccos include: Irish Cream, Pistachio, Cranberries, Margarita, and Honey & Honey.

Element V flavors
The most controversial series of the Element line. It consists of mixes from other brand collections. An interesting option for beginners and lazy hookah smokers who do not want to mix flavors themselves. The tobaccos that have been well-received by most include Taifun, Jungle Juice, Crazy Fog, Yellowstorm, Rainmonade, Wafflefall, Green Soda, and Raspberry Desert.

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