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The best mint shisha tobacco

Mint is one of the most common flavors of tobacco and hookah refreshers. Nowadays, in addition to mint tobacco, manufacturers often release blends with menthol and ice, but this does not reduce the number of fans of the natural and refreshing mint aroma.

Almost all brands have mint-flavored tobacco. They not only convey the natural aroma of the herb but also leave a signature touch. Because of this, mint from different brands varies significantly. It can be sweet, tangy, or slightly bitter.

In this article, we have compiled the best mint-flavored tobaccos.

Best hookah tobaccos with mint

Mint can play differently, so it is impossible to definitively name the best smoking blends. We have compiled the TOP 15 tobaccos based on our customers’ ratings. We recommend that you test different blends to find the perfect option.

1.  MustHave Ice mint

It is a tobacco with peppermint and without additional flavors. The blend has a strong aroma of mint chewing gum, which breaks through to tears when smoked alone. Therefore, MustHave Ice mint is worth using in mixes to add a little chill. If you plan to mix it with other tobaccos, then no more than 15-20%.


2. Darkside Shot South

It is a mix of pear, mango, and mint. This is a great combination for smoking on a hot summer evening. Unlike other Darkside shots, here all the flavors are perfectly balanced and do not overshadow each other. The tobacco has a pleasant fruit aroma and does not taste artificial.



3. Duft Cane Mint

It is a hookah tobacco with sweet mint flavor. The blend is perfect for fans of mint candies, as it has a pronounced sweetness that may not appeal to everyone. The tobacco pairs well with sour berry and watermelon aromas.


4. Spectrum Classic Line Epic Mint

It is one of the strongest mint tobaccos. Because of its very strong aroma, it is not suitable for smoking solo, but mint mixes for hookah are an excellent option. The main thing is to add Spectrum tobacco very carefully. 1-2% of the total mixture volume is enough, otherwise the mint will overpower the other flavors and freeze the throat.



It is an excellent green mint that unfolds in mixes with berry, fruit, and tea aromas. The tobacco does not have a strong cooling effect. It is worth noting that KHAN BURLEY is produced using a special technology. This strong tobacco has a soft and pleasant aroma with a barely noticeable chocolate undertone.


6. Banger Choker

It is a tobacco with mint and chocolate. The main flavor in the blend is mint, while the chocolate is only felt on the aftertaste. So if you want to get a strong chocolate aroma, it is worth adding Bonche Dark Chocolate in a 50/50 ratio.



7. Chabacco Medium Frosty Mint

It is a tobacco with a relatively mild mint flavor, making it perfect for solo smoking. It is difficult to bring out its flavor in mixes.



8. Sebero Arctic Mix Juicy Shake

It is a light and refreshing tobacco with watermelon and mint flavors. The first thing you feel while smoking it is the coolness of mint. In the first few minutes, the mint slightly overpowers the other flavors, but then the sweet and sour notes of grape, raspberry, watermelon, lime, and lemon start to unfold. It’s worth noting that the blend is made from boiled Black Burley and Oriental tobacco varieties.


9. Jent Grape Me

It is a hookah tobacco with grape and mint flavors, which is made from a high-quality blend of Virginia, Burley, and cigar leaf. In this aroma, mint is more pronounced than grape, so the mixture should be diluted with other fruits and berries.



10. Sebero Arctic Mix Cactus Pear

It is a refreshing mix of cactus, pear, limoncello, mint, and arctic flavors. During smoking, mint, cactus, and coolness are felt excellently. Pear and limoncello are weakly pronounced, which is why the aroma turned out herbal. If you lack sweetness, add Element Earth Raspberry tobacco.



11. Chaba Mix Lemon-Mint

It is a tobacco-free and nicotine-free hookah blend based on tea leaves. It has a pronounced citrus sourness and a natural mint aroma with a slight coolness. Chaba Mix Lemon-Mint smokes easily and produces a large amount of smoke. However, it is important to note that the blend retains its flavor for only 30 minutes. After that, the taste gradually weakens and by the 50th minute it is no longer noticeable.


12. HLGN Hard Green Queen

It is a blend of 3 types of raw materials – Virginia, Burley and cigar leaves. Note that the manufacturer uses natural flavors from Japan. The advantage of the mixture is that all flavors are revealed. You will definitely taste the mint, honey and green tea. However, the aroma lacks a chill, which can make it feel a little stuffy.



13. Black Burn Cane Mint

It is a tobacco with a sweet mint candy flavor. The peculiarity of the mixture is a gradual change in aroma. The first 15 minutes are dominated by freshness, which breaks the nose when you have a runny nose. Then the taste becomes sweeter and the mint becomes much weaker.



14. Xperience by Darkside Easy Freezy

Pistachio ice cream flavor with a slight hint of meat. Unlike many others, the manufacturer did not pay attention to mint, so the tobacco smokes pleasantly even alone. This tobacco is interesting not only for its drinks, but also for its new flavors that have not previously been used in other Darkside lines.


15. Chabacco Blueberry Mint

Nice blueberry with a mint background. Tastes like slightly sweet blueberry gum. In addition, the mixture is part of the Chabacco Strong line with a high nicotine content, so it is suitable for lovers of strict tobacco.



What to mix mint tobacco with

Mint tobaccos have an unforgettable aroma that is difficult to smoke solo. A better option is to make a fruit mix. Sweet aromas temper the strong smell of the meat and add acceptable natural flavors.

The advantage of mint tobacco is its versatility. It goes well with any fruit, berries and herbs. A popular mix is ​​mint, pineapple and melon. It is suitable for exotic lovers. Connoisseurs of classic tastes will appreciate a mix of meat, apples and orange. You can activate Spectrum Classic Line Epic Mint (2%), Banger Green Day (98%). Mint adds a fresh, sour and slightly sugary aroma.

Mint is also combined with berries, especially wild ones. Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are often used in mixes. These mixes smoke nicely. The main thing is not to add more than 5-10% mint so that it does not cover the aromas of wild berries. First stir KHAN BURLEY Mint (10%), Bonche Raspberry (50%), Banger Lemon Tonic (40%).

Mint is used less frequently in gastronomic tobacco flavors, but there are still prices for such mixes. Usually mint is prepared with cheesecake, creamy flavors. The next mix includes Sapphire Crown Lemon Pie (50%), Must Have Ice mint (5%) and Bonche Cheesecake (45%).

In addition, mint is diluted with alcoholic flavors. Some smokers prefer to mix mint with champagne, cognac, or mojito. However, we must admit that such hookahs are not suitable for everyone.


Not only does mint have a cooling effect, but it also slightly changes the flavor. She adds a herbaceous undertone and a slight sweetness to it. Therefore, if you want to achieve a pure aroma of berries, alcohol or fruits with a refreshing effect, then you should give preference to cold.

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