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Sizes of hookah stems: what are the options?

The stem is the main part of a hookah, as its characteristics determine the ease of use of the device, smoke density, and flavor. In general, this component is responsible for the pleasure obtained from smoking. The stem is a hollow tube that is inserted into the base at one end and connected to the tobacco bowl at the other.

Choosing the right gadget can be challenging, as the price range for smoking devices is quite wide. They can vary not only by brand, design, and material but also by the size of the hookah stem. When selecting this component, it is important to understand what each parameter is responsible for in order not to be disappointed with the purchase and to get maximum enjoyment from smoking.

What does the length of the hookah stem affect?

The length of the hookah stem affects how quickly the smoke cools and how much effort is needed to draw it in. It is best to choose a stem that is at least 60-80 cm long. A hookah stem that is less than 50 cm does not allow the smoke to cool to the optimal temperature and be properly filtered, affecting both smoking pleasure and health. However, a hookah that is too tall can worsen airflow and the aromatic qualities of the tobacco. The optimal height for maximum smoke flavor and cooling is around 70 cm.

Miniature hookah stems are also popular, as they are convenient for those who smoke outside the home and frequently move around. These smaller stems are easier to transport, lighter, and take up less space. They are suitable for occasional smokers who do not need to worry about storage space and always have a gadget on hand for leisurely smoking. In recent times, these smaller models have been produced just as well as their longer counterparts.

A medium-sized hookah stem is suitable for those who prefer not to strain to move the coals. This type of hookah is easy and convenient to prepare and smoke. A medium stem can be easily transported in a car, for example, by placing it in the trunk.

A long hookah stem looks impressive and is suitable for those who enjoy standing while smoking, or for those who do not like taking their favorite device to friends’ houses or outdoor settings.

What does the diameter of the hookah stem affect?

When choosing a hookah based on size, it is important to pay attention to the diameter of the stem. This parameter affects how easily the hookah can be smoked. The smaller the diameter of the stem, the worse the airflow, but the brighter the taste and aroma of the tobacco.

If you prefer to have an effortless draw when inhaling without applying much effort, even if it means sacrificing the richness of the flavors, then a stem size of 15 mm is recommended. If you enjoy feeling some resistance while smoking, then the diameter of the hookah stem should be 11-14 mm.

Other characteristics of the hookah

The diffuser plays a significant role in smoking – it helps to better disperse smoke and ease the draw. In addition, this part reduces noise during the use of the smoking device. The more holes are open in the diffuser, the easier the draw, but the weaker the taste and aroma of the smoke. In addition, when choosing a hookah, pay attention to the following nuances:

Internal valve – with this element replacing the protruding excess steam outlet, the stem looks more aesthetic. It is also more convenient to use. It is important for the valve to have a special ball that opens the hole during the purge.

Ice chamber – it is designed to lower the temperature of the smoke and should be located in the upper part of the stem.

Type of base and stem connection – the stem may have threads. This type of part is considered less durable and reliable. In general, hookah enthusiasts prefer a stem with a gasket, as reliable sealing promotes better opening up of the tobacco aroma. And the gasket can be easily replaced with a new one.

Stem construction – if it is solid, it will last longer, but it is easier to store a modular one.

An important factor in choosing a hookah is the brand, the country in which the gadget is produced, and the availability of additional accessories. When buying a stem, it is important to carefully inspect its appearance for any damage and ensure its airtightness.

To do this, cover the hole with your thumb located in the lower tube, and blow air into the small hole in the connector for the bowl. If you cannot do this, the stem is suitable for use.

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