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Sebero Tobacco: description, lines, TOP flavors, packing

The hookah tobacco market is full of Russian brands, which are not inferior to their competitors in quality and choice of flavors. One of the leaders is Sebero. The brand captivates with its bright packaging and juicy mixes.

We have collected the top Sebero flavors and generally described the brand, and also talked about the nuances of preparing and smoking a hookah with this tobacco.

About the brand

Sebero is a Russian brand of hookah tobacco. The manufacturer developed the product for 2 years and only presented the first results at the Hookah Club Show in 2019. Currently, the company offers more than 50 different classic flavors and unique Sebero mixes.

Advantages of tobacco from Sebero:

  • Raw materials. The main ingredient of the mixtures is Burley tobacco leaf. It contains virtually no sugar, so caramelization does not occur during smoking.
  • Convenience. Sebero is suitable for those who do not like to prepare tobacco, but want to get a ready-made product right away. In addition, thanks to high-quality raw materials, the manufacturer has achieved comfortable smoking at medium temperatures and excellent compatibility with other tobaccos.
  • Tastes. Sebero tobacco tastes close to natural. The manufacturer adds his own unique touches, but maintains the naturalness of the aroma. Please note that only juices from fruits, flowers and other products are used to prepare smoking mixtures.

Product Features

Sebero tobacco can be classified as “Medium” in strength, so it is perfect for most smokers. However, you need to take into account that the manufacturer produces 2 lines:

  1. Standard. It includes most of the brand’s products. Tobaccos have a medium strength, which some smokers rate as low.
  2. Black. This is a blend of several varieties of tobacco, characterized by increased strength. It consists of cigar leaf (15%), Virginia (40%) and Burley (45%).

Description of Sebero tobacco:

  • Slicing. The tobacco is carefully cut. There are no debris or twigs in the mixture.
  • Consistency. The mixtures are soaked in syrup, so they are a little sticky. At the same time, they fluff well.
  • Heat resistance. Sebero tobacco is suitable for cooking at slightly above average temperatures. If you overheat it a little, you won’t ruin the taste. The mixtures are quickly restored.
  • Smokiness. Sebero products have excellent smokiness, especially after 2-3 minutes of smoking.
  • Taste transfer. Tobacco has a bright and self-sufficient taste. It can be smoked separately and become the basis for mixes.
  • Duration of smoking. The mixtures retain their flavor and high smokiness for about an hour, but some flavors “fade out” after 20-30 minutes.

Top 10 Sebero flavors

1. Sebero Raspberries

Rich raspberry aroma with pronounced sweetness.



2. Sebero Limoncello

It is a tobacco with the taste of fresh and sweet lemon. Alcohol notes are practically not felt, so it should be used as part of mixes.


3. Sebero Arctic

It is just a good chill that will fit perfectly into any mix. It’s not worth smoking Arctic on its own.




4. Severo Arctic Mix Cactus Pear

It is one of the few entirely herbaceous mixes. Although it contains pear and limoncello, the sweet accent is extremely weak.



5. Sebero Arctic Mix Lychee Juice

It is a cold pear drink with a lychee aftertaste. The aroma lasts a long time, so the tobacco will last for an hour of smoking.



6. Sebero Bubble Gum

The rich, sweet taste of chewing gum. It smokes great on its own and also blends well with mixes, especially fruit and berry ones. Highly recommended!



7. Sebero Classic Feijoa

Sweet and sour with a unique flavor that will delight your taste buds. A must-try for anyone looking for something different!



8. Sebero Arctic Mix Sour Citrus (Lemon, Cherry, Rhubarb, Orange, Cold)

A citrus-berry ice mix. Unlike similar mixes, it lacks the typical candy-like note.

9. Sebero Arctic Mix Summer Vibe (Raspberry, Rhubarb, Chill)

A light summer mix. Raspberry and rhubarb are prominent, while the chill frames the taste.

10. Sebero Banana-Strawberry

The taste of juicy garden strawberries with bright tropical banana. It is equally good both in solo smoking and as a component for many mixes. We recommend!

How to pack Sebero tobacco

Sebero smoking mixtures can be packed in various types of bowls. The best options are:

Turkish – a classic option. The main thing is good ventilation.
Phunnel – the strength will be slightly less, but thanks to the large amount of syrup in the tobacco, the bowl perfectly conveys flavors, especially natural ones.
Killer – the bowl is suitable for lovers of tobacco aroma. It is worth using it with the Black line mixtures.
Immediately after opening the tobacco, we recommend mixing it. The leaves are well soaked, but the syrup spreads unevenly inside the jar, which is why the taste unfolds differently with each puff. To avoid this, mix the mixture with a stick right before packing the bowl.

Put the tobacco in the bowl with a slight gap. The optimal distance is 3-4 mm. It is best to pack the mixture airily without making a well.

Heat the bowl for 5 minutes with 4 coals with a diameter of 25 mm. The tobacco is heat-resistant, and most flavors unfold well at a slightly higher than average temperature. If you accidentally overheat the mixture, simply reduce the heat and take 2-3 deep puffs. When the mixture cools down, the natural taste will be restored without bitterness and chemical taste.


Sebero Tobacco is one of the top hookah mixtures on the market. It has become popular due to its optimal strength, high heat resistance, and budget-friendly price. If you are just starting to smoke hookahs or you enjoy natural fruit flavors without a strong smell of tobacco leaves, then Sebero is the best choice.
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