Union Hookah Fibonacci Graphite

Comes with:

• Stem

• Tray

• Mouthpiece

• Grommets

• Connector for hose

• Silicone hose

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The Union Hookah Fibonacci – our flagship model and a source of pride.

An uncompromising hookah, entirely crafted from stainless steel with inserts made from the finest materials we know how to create.

We contemplated for a long time on how to create the perfect design. What it should look like, what lies at the core of such a design. Ultimately, we stumbled upon the Fibonacci numbers – a fundamental numerical sequence. It appears everywhere – from the portrait of the Mona Lisa to hurricanes and spiral galaxies.

34, 55, 89, 144, 233 – numbers from this sequence define the heights of specific parts of the hookah.



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