Duft CACTUS JACK 100gr

Duft CACTUS JACK – Having gone in search of unusual aromas, we ended up in Mexico and tasted a cactus for the first time. Tart, incredibly bright and rich taste of a cactus that grew under the rays of the sun in the middle of the desert, it was at this moment that our expedition ended, we found what we were looking for! The cactus, squeezed to the maximum through a juicer, has lost all its needles, but has not lost its invigorating sweet and sour aroma in the taste of CACTUS JACK.

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DUFT is a tobacco that combines high nicotine and heat resistance with maximum comfort and environmental friendliness. There are no foreign tastes in the product, and when smoking, there are no unpleasant sensations. There are two types of blend in our product: a blend of Burley varieties from Italy, Poland and light and dark cigar tobaccos air-dried DAC.It is important to know that DUFT tobaccos are heat-loving, not heat-resistant! Therefore, for comfortable and long-lasting smoking, our masters recommend DUFT into a classic clay bowl with a milky coating, leaving at least 1 mm indent from the foil / kaloud and a “well” to ensure good circulation of hot air flows inside the bowl.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

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