Bonch Strawberry 30gr

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bonch Strawberry – This berry has long been a symbol of love, romance and unity. “Royal berry”, as it was called in France. Strawberries are the tears of Venus, mourning her lover, Adonis. According to the legend of the Cherokee Indian tribe, strawberries reconciled the first woman on Earth with her husband. When the wife, saddened by a quarrel, accidentally came across thickets of a delicious berry with a bewitching smell in the forest, she hurried back as soon as possible to treat her husband with sweet heart-shaped fruits and share with him the joy of her outlandish find. In Japan, they believe that if a double strawberry comes across, then you definitely need to eat it with your chosen one, and then happiness and mutual love will be provided. Due to the high content of useful trace elements, strawberries also have a medicinal effect and aphrodisiac properties, which explains the use as an unspoken emblem of romance and lovers.

Strawberries have a wide range of aromatics that give them a special temptation. Intense floral-nectar, sweet candy, honey scent of strawberry makes you dizzy and mesmerizing. Sugary inside and bright, shiny outside, strawberries captivate with their sweetness, with a slight sourness, and sometimes nutmeg notes in taste. Juicy and fleshy, strawberries are deservedly considered a synonym for enjoyment and pleasure.

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Bonche tobacco is the coolest novelty on the market, a premium hookah tobacco created entirely on cigar raw materials, combined with very bright and natural flavors. We advise you to smoke each of the tastes in its pure form in order to most accurately understand and feel this product. Tobacco belongs to the strong category, and all cigar lovers will definitely appreciate it.

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