Bonch Melissa 30gr

Bonch Melissa – Avicenna called lemon balm “delight of the heart”, the name of this plant comes from the Greek word μέλισσα (melissa), “bee”. In ancient Greek mythology, this was the name of the nymph, the daughter of King Meliseus, who fed Zeus with honey and milk, and then was sent to Earth to teach people how to get honey.

Melissa tea has long been a classic, like lemonades and cocktails with the addition of a couple of leaves of this fragrant plant. A delicious sorbet is prepared from lemon balm, and it is also seasoned with fish and meat dishes, because it can serve as an excellent alternative to both lemon and mint. Its delicate and delicate aroma perfectly complements fruit and vegetable salads, giving them an exotic lemon-bitter flavor.

Real fresh lemon balm is a plant with an incredibly rich bouquet of aromatic notes. Floral, reminiscent of the smell of lemon or lime peel, the smell of lemon balm is a favorite of honey bees. Refreshing lemonade is prepared from it; it perfectly decorates any dessert and gastronomic dishes.

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Bonche tobacco is the coolest novelty on the market, a premium hookah tobacco created entirely on cigar raw materials, combined with very bright and natural flavors. We advise you to smoke each of the tastes in its pure form in order to most accurately understand and feel this product. Tobacco belongs to the strong category, and all cigar lovers will definitely appreciate it.

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