Bonche Lemongrass 30gr

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bonche Lemongrass – Citronella, lemongrass, lemongrass, voodoo grass. Lemongrass has a complex, multifaceted scent. It is used in aromatherapy as a means to increase the level of sincerity, soothing, improving memory and relieving fatigue. In Africa and Asia, it is customary to plant it around the house, because the lemon notes of lemongrass perfectly repel snakes and insects.

Whimsical and piercing, depending on the mood, it is felt in different shades – sometimes rose and verbena, sometimes sharp lemon-ginger notes. Lemongrass roots are used for medicinal purposes, and the stems are used in cooking, fragrant tea is brewed with them, fish and meat dishes are seasoned.

Lemongrass is a sacred plant in Malaysia, believed to heal wounds and protect against death. Before the battle, the warriors wiped their body with a citronella stem and believed that this would protect them from injury. In Medieval Europe, beer was brewed with the addition of this fragrant herb. The female half of the population of tropical Asian countries has long used lemongrass as a cosmetic product that has a beneficial effect on the skin and leaves a fresh grassy scent.

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Bonche tobacco is the coolest novelty on the market, a premium hookah tobacco created entirely on cigar raw materials, combined with very bright and natural flavors. We advise you to smoke each of the tastes in its pure form in order to most accurately understand and feel this product. Tobacco belongs to the strong category, and all cigar lovers will definitely appreciate it.

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