Bonche Basil 30gr

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bonch Basil – Basil is called the king of spices. From Greek, the translation literally means “king”. Its original homeland is India, the Moluccas, thanks to the campaigns of Alexander the Great, it spread to Europe. Basil was highly valued, took part in many rituals and rituals, and was assigned magical properties. In Europe, Ancient Egypt, Asia, it was considered a symbol of longevity and fertility. It is also an aphrodisiac, its aroma has relaxing and soothing properties, relieves fatigue.

Dishes with the addition of basil are a frequent attribute of romantic dinners. The fresh and bright aroma of basil emphasizes the sweetness in cooking, it is often used in gastronomy.

Green basil has a milder flavor than purple basil. The well-known Italian pesto sauce is prepared from it. Basil is added to meat dishes, pastries and lemonades, it gives them a bright spicy grassy taste.

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Bonche tobacco is the coolest novelty on the market, a premium hookah tobacco created entirely on cigar raw materials, combined with very bright and natural flavors. We advise you to smoke each of the tastes in its pure form in order to most accurately understand and feel this product. Tobacco belongs to the strong category, and all cigar lovers will definitely appreciate it.

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