Tangiers Tobacco

Tobacco Tangiers is by far the best strong American premium quality tobacco, it is the first strong hookah tobacco. There are many flavors and several lines. Many Tangiers fans believe that in order to feel and enjoy the process of smoking as much as possible, you need to use the foil and classic Turk.

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco


The history of the invention of this tobacco is quite interesting, because a famous chemist named Hoffman had a hand in it, who had his own hookah and experimented with the tastes of tobacco and its properties, wanting to choose the perfect one according to his preferences. As a result, the first prototype of tobacco, now known under this brand, appeared. According to the official website, this event happened in 2007. To make his product unique, the scientist personally signed each pack and assigned a number to it.

In addition to its history, it is also known for having a pronounced aroma of tobacco smoke, so it is suitable for those who like to smoke cigarettes. It is also a fairly strong tobacco, so lovers of rich flavors will like it. Its manufacturing process uses dark molasses, which causes the leaf to turn black, but this tobacco is not actually on the black list. It also has good heat resistance. It is important that tobacco must be allowed to acclimatize before use – it must “breathe” and then lie still for a while, getting used to the conditions of the local climate. Only then will its taste qualities be revealed properly.

Most Popular Tangiers Tastes

What flavors are included in the best flavors of Tangiers tobacco? These are the most popular of the well-known, which are in demand among buyers. Of course, not everyone will like them, but according to sales statistics, most people still love them.

Indian summer – the taste of cherry is quite traditional, it can be found in different manufacturers, but here it is combined with Indian spices, which gives it a special, original note.

Horchata is another tobacco with ethnic notes, inspired by a traditional Spanish drink made from cereals, with the addition of various spices and almonds.

New lime – has a pronounced taste of lime sweets, sweet, but with sourness and a clear hint of citrus.

Peach Iced Tea is an interesting combination of peach and mint, sweet but with invigorating and refreshing notes.

Ololiuqui is an unusual combination of lime and cola that gives quite an interesting taste. It is worth trying it to discover something new.