Starbuzz Vintage

Strong, black tobacco by Starbuzz. Have some tobacco notes, like many dark tobaccos. If you like Tangiers or Dark Side – try it.

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Starbuzz Vintage (200gr)
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About Starbuzz Vintage

The dark tobacco line was introduced in 2015. Spices, extracts of fruits and flowers are used for production. Similar in strength to Tangiers and Dark Side, heat resistant. Sometimes exhibits tobacco notes, like many dark tobaccos. This, of course, may scare away some of the potential audience, but here the situation is not as critical as in Tangiers. The overall impression of the tobacco is that of a confident mid-ranger in the world of strong tobaccos, which will bring its voice and its tops to this type of tobacco.

It is the packaging of tobacco that reflects the meaning of the word “vintage” – a jar, made under a tree, stores 200 grams of tobacco, packaged in two sealed bags.

Some of the most interesting flavors: Vintage DARK MIST (Blackberry mist) – a continuation of the legendary Starbuzz BLUE MIST, Vintage ORANGE CHOCOLATE (Chocolate covered orange), Vintage SPICE ME RED (Berries with spices).