Starbuzz Tobacco

Starbuzz hookah tobacco is one of the world’s leading hookah tobaccos. Appeared in 2005 in California, USA. An amazing line of ready-made mixes for hookah with a rich taste that can delight even the most ardent skeptic. Everyone who has tried Starbuzz at least once remains a fan of it. Well-soaked Virginia tobacco leaves provide excellent smokiness.

Starbuzz Tobacco

Made in America. Manufacturers took into account the experience of other companies, choosing the ideal tobacco strength, tastes, leaf cutting technology and soaking methods. All this together made it possible to obtain the most popular tobacco. And the developments paid off, because the mixtures from the young company overtook even the old-timers of the tobacco market, and such success was all over the world.

One of the distinguishing features of these mixtures is that they keep their taste for a long time, allowing you to smoke with pleasure. However, when preparing a hookah, you should be careful, because tobacco is not heat resistant. Tobacco is sold in various packaging, tightly packed in a sealed bag, which, in turn, is in a tin can. This is convenient and greatly facilitates further storage.

Tastes and their properties

This tobacco has about a hundred flavors – there are plenty to choose from. It is easy to get confused in such a variety, so it is better to focus on your own taste preferences when choosing mixtures. You can also decide to try something exotic or stick to a proven classic. However, there are also the best tastes of Starbuzz tobacco, which are recognized as the most popular, you can choose one of them.

Pirate’s Cave – an unusual and bright taste, grassy, ​​with hints of lime, looks really exotic and mysterious, leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Blue Mist – many people like the taste of blueberries, which is reminiscent of sunny summer days, and if you add mint notes to it, it will turn out even more interesting, and the familiar taste will sparkle with new colors.

Code 69 is an interesting flavor that combines lime, cola and vanilla. It is somewhat reminiscent of soda, although the taste is not so sweet, with sourness and hints of a delicate vanilla aroma.

Pumpkin pie – original tobacco with the smell of pumpkin and spices – cinnamon, nutmeg. The taste is sweetish, and the aroma really resembles baking.

Lemon Tea – the tart and slightly sweet taste of tea, combined with lemon notes, perfectly complement each other, giving a pleasant sensation. It will appeal not only to tea lovers, but also to everyone who wants to appreciate the original taste.