WTO cigar hookah tobacco

First company who started using vintage cigar tobacco leaves for hookah tobacco production. The company collaborates with major global tobacco holdings and brands, tobacco factories, and plantations in various countries, importing unique tobacco varieties to Russia.

WTO hookah cigar tobacco brand

World Tobacco Original (WTO) hookah tobacco is produced by an international team of professionals with 20 years of experience in the hookah industry. They have curated a collection of original tobaccos from around the world. This tobacco uses expensive tobacco leaves that have been aged for over 6 years, possessing a unique bouquet of noble taste and the strength of cigar tobacco.

In fact, it is one of the most unique and expensive tobaccos in the world!

WTO Tobacco Characteritics


Only 5-6 grams of tobacco are needed for packing WTO, and such a packing will last for about an hour.
The mixture should be packed lightly, however, a little pressure on the tobacco is necessary to avoid the burning of the foil or the kaloud. The mixture smokes excellently with three coals, whether using a heat management device or not, and lasts for approximately one hour.