MustHave Tobacco 125gr

Delicious, smoky, medium strong hookah tobacco with hypernatural flavours

MustHave Hookah Tobacco

High-quality tobacco leafs from seven countries of the world

The Must Have tobacco base is based on selected Burley tobacco leaves specially selected according to the necessary parameters in seven countries of the world (Brazil, USA, Malawi, Argentina, Bangladesh, Spain, Italy). The choice of a blend based only on Burley is determined not only by its pliability to processing and perception of the introduced aromatics, but also by its ability to give the entire palette of the intended taste at medium temperatures to the maximum.

Hypernatural Flavors

A distinctive feature of Must Have hookah tobacco is hypernatural, bright, juicy fruit and berry and dessert flavors created in cooperation with leading experts from Europe, Japan and America. It is also worth noting the “heady” moderate strength of tobacco comparable to the effect of premium strong alcohol and pleasant velvety natural shades of tobacco blend, perfectly combined with the whole palette of tastes.

Unique cooking technology

For the first time in the hookah industry, we have introduced an additional multi-stage raw material toasting technology that allows us to controllably reduce the level of negative plant components and increase the level of positive components, as well as the rate of their release during smoking.

Stylish package

Tobacco is packaged in a stylishly designed sealed jar with an additional internal controller that creates a vacuum space in the process of “breathing” tobacco, which undoubtedly allows 100% preservation of the taste and aroma of the composition for a very long time. . The packaging format was so successful that it is already being followed by many manufacturers.