Black Burn 200gr

BlackBurn Hookah Tobacco. Full Review

Leaf Features

For its hookah mixes, Black Burn uses selective, that is, specially grown, Burley leaf, as well as high-quality flavors from 4 European countries, selecting only the best. The guys take a very responsible approach to the recipe and manufacture, thanks to which you will not find the taste of tobacco raw materials in BlackBurn hookah tobacco and you will be able to feel the entire palette of flavors in its maximum saturation.

How to pack a bowl with BlackBurn

Black Burn hookah tobacco has a rather convenient cut for work and does not have excessive syrupiness. It is easy and convenient to work with it, and in driving it is unpretentious and very functional. By itself, tobacco is quite strong, but with the help of the right hookah bowl and the method of packing, you can make it both soft and strong:

For soft comfortable smoking, you can use any fanel – just throw the tobacco in a circle and make a light touch, that is, so that the tobacco lies flush with the rim of the bowl.

For a strong smoke, use a classic bowl – throw tobacco fluffy, without a well, you can leave a small indent.

For super-strong smoking, use the previous scenario, but on evil (killer) type hookah bowls.

Important: BlackBurn is a rather heat-loving tobacco, and it is extremely important to completely warm it up! For heating, use 4 25x coals. (And you can smoke on three in any arrangement: two at the bottom, the third at the top or “Mickey Mouse” – one at the bottom and two on the sides).
The range of heating tobacco for Black Burn hookah is from 5 to 8 minutes, or a little less if you use a hookah cap.
Do not rush to smoke it right away, wait a couple of extra minutes, and you will be amazed by the bright rich taste, excellent strength.