Kartel Hookah Tobacco 250gr

Kartel Hookah Shisha Tobacco – New tobacco on American market in 2023.
The premium Golden Leaves from Shisha Kartel, handcrafted in Dubai, are carefully crafted to create exceptional smoke, no matter what hookah bowl and heat management device you prefer.

Kartel Hookah Tobacco brand

Meet Shisha Kartel, a brand ready to revolutionize the hookah industry and challenge the norm with their bold flavor combinations as they strive for hookah domination.

Despite being new players in the game, the Kartel team is confident enough to put their blends to the test against your favorites. This fresh and exciting lineup is the brainchild of the innovative minds at Al Fakher and promises to shake up the hookah world.

Tobacco characteristics:

Crafted in Dubai, Shisha Kartel’s premium golden leaves are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional smoke, no matter what style of hookah bowl and heat management device (HMD) combination you prefer. Each box is packed with enough fun for multiple smoke sessions, allowing you to indulge in the experience time and time again. The best part? You can choose from a variety of flavors, and there are no wrong choices. Every flavor promises a delightful adventure for your taste buds.