Chaos Tobacco

Chaos tobacco blend is a high quality German product. For the first time, tobacco appeared on the shelves in 2016. The range of the brand is quite diverse, any smoker can find his taste. For the manufacture of the Chaos smoking mixture, the manufacturer used the Virginia Gold tobacco leaf, which makes the tobacco moderately strong, it is suitable for experienced smokers, beginners, and even girls. The latter will also like the palette of aromas, where fruit mixes predominate, and in rather unexpected combinations.

About Chaos Tobacco

As a material for the impregnation of tobacco leaves, the manufacturer preferred natural honey. Depending on the fragrance you choose, it will be more or less pronounced. The saturation of the taste and the density of the smoke are not affected.

The tobacco leaf was chopped into small enough pieces, so it is not worth grinding it further. During smoking, tobacco does not burn, and heats up fairly evenly. It is worth noting that it is recommended to use 2 pieces of coal of 25 each to heat the Chaos tobacco mixture – this way you will avoid burning with almost one hundred percent probability.


  • Tobacco leaf Virginia Gold
  • Honey
  • Natural flavors
  • Glycerol


Worldhookahmarket online hookah store offers a fairly large selection of various smoking mixtures, including Chaos tobacco. Chaos tobacco blend has a rather unusual aroma that can surprise anyone. Some smokers note the lack of strength of the product, however, it is hardly worth expecting the strength of a cigar from a Virginia leaf.

The manufacturer divides its entire range into two lines: Chaos Classic Flavor and Chaos Comic Flavor. In the first case, these are proven and already quite tired flavors, in the second, quite unexpected combinations, the composition of which you can find out only by reading it on the package.