Azure Tobacco

Azure Tobacco Inc began developing and creating tobacco in the South American state of California in 2015. Tobacco is presented in 2 lines, differing in strength – Gold and Black. Our website presents the Gold line in a package of 100g and 250g. This is a light tobacco, in the production of which the tobacco leaf of the Virginia variety is used. Cutting and humidity are average. In appearance, Azur tobacco is reminiscent of Fumari. High smoky. The highest heat resistance, tobacco is restored after overheating. The taste is perfectly preserved until the end of the smoke.

Azure gold 100gr
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Azure Gold 250gr
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Buy Azure Hookah Tobacco with worldwide delivery.


The original and, in its own way, unique hookah tobacco Azure is the result of the work of American specialists. You can buy Azure Gold Line on our website. We have delivery all over the world.

Key Features of Azure Tobacco

Both lines of Azure hookah tobacco boast perfect maceration. In both cases, you will not find any excess at the bottom of the package, but the mixture will still be moist. The product is perfectly fluffy, which simplifies styling. And the same goes for cutting – tobacco does not require any additional cutting, or cleaning from impurities, or pressing. It is enough to open the package, take the required amount of the mixture and put it in the bowl. In addition, the product also has excellent characteristics:

  • medium cut for the Gold line and fine for the Black line,
  • soaking is moderate,
  • high heat resistance and abundant smoke for both lines,
  • softness and non-chemical aromas,
  • good flavor and long shelf life.

As for aromatics, it is extremely interesting and in some tastes, literally, unique. The key to this is the use of author’s American flavors. Both lines do not have chemical flavors and smoke perfectly. Every gourmet will be able to find something interesting.