AL Fakher Tobacco

Tobacco from the UAE, which has become a legend. Al Fakher entered the market back in 1999 and immediately won the hearts and lungs of hookah drinkers, along with the Egyptian Nakhla. The most striking flavors of Al Fakher tobacco are: double apple, mint, melon, pomegranate, grape and cherry. Also in the classic line there are ready-made mixes. Al Fakher pairs well with stronger tobaccos, although it itself has a low strength. Thanks to its consistency and excellent soaking, you can cook the same taste differently every time. Tobacco is packaged in several ways: 50, 250 and 1000 gr.

Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco


Al Fakher Tobacco is a brand of premium and standard shisha tobacco blends. The largest producer of hookah tobacco in the world. It is considered one of the most fragrant on the market, as well as the most recognizable and most accessible (in terms of the number of fans and coverage of countries). To satisfy the interests of the audience, Alfaker produces tobacco in a wide range of flavors and prices.

Tobacco for hookah AlHakher: what taste is better

The answer depends on the individual taste habits of the buyer. But the most popular tastes of Al Fakher in the world are:

  • Double Apple (Two Apples) – a mixture of red and green apple flavors with the addition of anise. To buy Al Fakher Two Apples tobacco is recommended for lovers of sweet taste. It is said that the fragrance of “Double Apple” is reminiscent of a summer vacation in Dubai.
  • Al Fakher Mint is the gold standard of mint hookah. You can buy Alfakher Mint tobacco to smoke alone or add to a mixture of varieties for a minty aftertaste. And so, you can buy mix flavours with mint too.
  • Buying Al Fakher Golden Bahraini Apple is recommended for fans of sweet tastes and thick fragrant smoke. The Golden Apple of Bahrain is a combination of apple with spicy notes.
  • Al Fakher Berry is a delicious blend of raspberries and blackberries with a floral aroma. Add a glass of cold lemonade to the smoking process to indulge your taste buds with new sensations.
  • Al Fakher Rose is the perfect tobacco for a romantic evening. If you haven’t tried it, we advise you to buy it – the scent of roses is more interesting than you think. If you are already thinking about which Alfaker hookah tobacco to buy, we advise you to take the set of tobacco that you want to try right now. Do not ignore your own desires, then the process will not disappoint.

Brand advantages: why it is better to buy Alfakher

Buyers prefer Al Fakher hookah tobacco when they plan to buy hookah tobacco online for four reasons:

  1. an extensive range of flavors;
  2. scientific approach to creating tastes;
  3. quality raw materials;
  4. detailed descriptions.

If you are looking for where to buy Alfaker tobacco online, then our online store offers the widest range of flavors. The prices for Alfaker tobacco for hookah depend on the size of the package – 50g, 250g or 1kg. Those who have not studied their taste habits are advised to start with small packs and tobaccos with low or medium strength. If you decide, then take more packages. Refrigerate (refrigerated if possible) to preserve the freshness and all the properties of the tobacco blend.