Adalya Tobacco

Tobacco “Adalia” is a hookah tobacco made from finely cut Golden Virginia. It is produced in sunny Turkey. Tobacco is popular due to its rich palette of rich flavors and affordable price. It is characterized by abundant smoke, good heat resistance and medium strength. On our website you can buy “Adalia” in 250g and 50g packages. It is possible to purchase the product at retail and wholesale. Worldwide shipping or pickup available Northbrook, IL.

Adalya Hookah Tobacco


  • Tobacco Leaf: Virginia
  • Tobacco strength: low
  • Heat resistance: medium
  • –°utting: medium
  • Smoking time: 50-60 min
  • Packing: carton box – 50g, glass jar – 250g

About Adalya

Adalya brand products are already exported to 46 countries around the world. It is Turkey’s largest and the world’s second largest producer of hookah tobacco.

Adalya is produced in Turkey, where a large and modern factory was opened in 2017. According to the manufacturer, only Golden Virginia tobacco leaves are used as raw materials. Flavorings comply with all necessary standards of the European Union.

We have 21 tastes of Adalia. Among them are not only beloved classics, but also many interesting new products – the brand is constantly working to ensure that its fans have plenty to choose from.

Description of flavors

Acai – bright sweet and sour acai berries.
Adalya Power is a sweet and sour energy drink.
Angel Lips is a combination of melon and raspberry with mint.
Banana Milk Ice is a sweet banana with milk and ice.
Berlin Nights is a juicy peach with refreshing mint.
Berryeis is a mix of blackberries, cranberries, blueberries and wild berries.
Berrymix – raspberries, wild blackberries and ripe blueberries.
Black Cherry is a sweet cherry soda.
Black Grape – Isabella sweet grape.
Black Mulberry – sweet and sour mulberries.
Blue Dragon is a sweet and sour combination of pitahaya, passionfruit and blueberries with menthol.
Blue Ice is a chilling blueberry.
Blue Melon is a combination of melon and blueberry with minty notes.
Blue Moon is a refreshing mix of blueberries and mint.
Blue Orange is a juicy mix of orange and blueberry.
Blue Peach Mint is a sweet and sour combination of blueberries and peach with minty freshness.
Bubblegum is a sweet fruit gum.
Cactus is a sweet juicy fruity cactus.
Caramel is a very sweet caramel.
Champagne is a sweet and light taste of champagne.
Cherry is a sweet and sour cherry with a stone.
Chewinggum Cinnamon is a refreshing chewing gum with cinnamon.
Chilly Cherry – sweet and sour iced cherry.
Chuck Norris is a sweet and sour combination of mango, passion fruit, orange and grapefruit with refreshing mint.
Cindy’s is a combination of menthol, wild berries, juicy watermelon and sour passion fruit.
Citrus Fruits is a citrus mix of grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange.
Cola Dragon is a sweet cola with candy notes of orange and cranberry.
Cola Lemon is a combination of sweet lemon and cola.
Crazy Lemon is a sweet lemony lemonade.
Double Melon Ice is a mix of ripe watermelon and sweet melon with a chilling freshness.
Double Melon is a rich combination of melon and watermelon.
Dragon Fruit Blue is a sweet and sour refreshing pitahaya with sour blueberries.
Dragon Fruit is a rich and sweet pitahaya.
Eskimo Leon is a sour and fresh combination of ice cream, lemon and mint.
Freshberry – blueberry and raspberry with mint.
Grapefruit – sweet and fresh grapefruit.
Green Apple is a juicy and sour green apple.
Green Lemon is a sour, slightly spicy and fresh lime.
Guava is a slightly spicy and sweet guava.
Hawaii is a tropical mix of pineapple, mango and refreshing mint.
Honey Milk is a very sweet combination of milk and honey.
Ice – chilling freshness is not like mint.
Ice Apple – sweet and sour green apple with ice.
Ice Bonbon – sweet refreshing candies.
Ice Lime on the Rocks is a refreshing blend of lime and mint.
Jungle Jungle is a juicy mix of orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime.
La Muerte is a combination of sour cranberries and refreshing lemon.
Lady Killer is a mix of melon, mango, wild berries and mint.
Lemon – sweet juicy lemon.
Lemon Pie is the most popular lemon pie.
Love66 – exotic and fresh passion fruit, notes of flowers and menthol.
Lychee Blue – sweet lychee fruits with ice and blueberries.
Mango Tango Ice – a mix of mango and passion fruit with ice.
Mango Tango is a super delicious combination of mango and passion fruit.
Maracuja is a tropical sweet and sour passion fruit.
Marilyn Monroe is a sweet floral and berry fragrance of Marilyn Monroe perfume with hints of lemon and mint.
Melon is a classic sweet melon.
Milk – delicate taste of sweet cream.
Mixfruits is a sweet mix of grapes, kiwi, strawberries, oranges and other fruits and berries.
Orange is a sweet, slightly candy orange.
Peach is a classic sweet peach.
Pear is a sweet lemonade pear.
Raspberry – sweet raspberries.
Raspberry Pie is a very sweet raspberry pie.
Rhapsody is a sweet and sour combination of peach, pineapple and mulberries with mint and ice.
Strong Stallone is a sour mix of passion fruit with ripe cherries and ice.
Swiss Bonbon – Swiss mints.
Tangerine is a sweet tangerine with a slight pleasant bitterness.
Tony’s Destiny – sweet peach, tropical passion fruit, juicy cactus and chilling freshness.
Watermelon – sweet watermelon.