Hookah Bowls

Hookah bowls are used for tobacco mixtures. There are a large number of bolws, each suitable for a different type of tobacco. They are made from various materials. On our site you can buy designer hookah bowls – Geometry Bowl, Kong Bowls and others, and universal bowls for every day. We ship orders worldwide. US same day shipping

So you want to buy a hookah bowl

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What to look for when choosing?

By type of bowl can be made from:

  • Clay handmade – formed on a potter’s wheel, have greater thermal conductivity and strength. But everyone is a little different from each other, because it is impossible to make two handmade cups completely identical.
  • Powder – made from a dry mixture of clay, which is diluted with water and poured into a mold. These cups have a slightly lower thermal conductivity, but this does not affect smoking, since modern powder mixtures are almost indistinguishable from handmade clay.
  • Silicone bowls are distinguished by the fact that they reduce the strength of the filling, heat up to a certain temperature, preventing the tobacco from overheating. Suitable for tobacco with a high syrup content to maximize the taste.

For processing:

  • Milking is the treatment of a bowl in a milk composition that fills the pores of the clay. Such cups do not allow losing the taste, they reveal it better and retain their smoking qualities longer.
  • Glazed – differ in that they absolutely do not absorb tobacco juice, concentrate the heat inside the bowl, glazed bowls better reveal the taste and strength of tobacco.

By type of bowl are divided into:

  • Fannels are bowls with a volcano in the middle, which are better suited for revealing the taste, but revealing the strength of the tobacco a little less. They are also suitable for finely cut tobaccos that can easily fall through on direct circulation cups.
  • Killers are bowls with direct circulation (holes are located at the bottom of the bowl, which provides a “direct flow” of air), a flat bottom. The entire volume of tobacco is involved in smoking, which allows you to maximize the strength of the tobacco leaf.
  • Classical – differ in that they have a bottom in the form of a hemisphere. The holes are also located at the bottom of the bowl. The most versatile option for any smoking.
  • TURKISH – can be attributed to the section of classical bowls, since they differ from the main classics only in slightly larger holes and thicker walls.