Hookah Bag

Special bags for carrying your hookah and its accessories. Perfect if you like to travel or just need to take a hookah with you.

Buy bags and cases for hookah


A man with a hookah is a welcome guest at any party! But in order to bring positive to your friends, it would be good to take care of how convenient it is to pack everything you need. If you often take a hookah with you on a visit, to a picnic or to a country house, you should think about a bag or case for carrying it. After all, a hookah (especially elite models with handmade elements) is a rather fragile thing.

The most practical solution is a special suitcase. It will fit not only the hookah itself, but also all the necessary accessories and “consumables”: tongs, tobacco, coal. The rigid frame of the suitcase will protect the contents from impacts, and you don’t have to worry about bending the shaft or cracking the flask. And, of course, style: taking a hookah with a gesture of a magician from such a suitcase is much more spectacular than getting it, for example, from a cardboard box or a plastic bag!

A suitcase is a great addition to a hookah bought as a gift. It perfectly copes with the role of festive packaging and adds elegance to your gift.

If you don’t often smoke hookah, then a case is a convenient way to store everything you need for the ceremony. Due to its small size, it can easily fit on any shelf.

Our consultants will help you choose the right size suitcase for any model of hookah that you decide to purchase in our store. As well as for the hookah that you already have at home: just tell us its dimensions.

Please note that hookah bags are also presented in this section. This is a popular accessory among those who like to relax outside the city. The bag makes it easy to transport a hookah in any transport (private or public). It is more compact than a suitcase, but also reliably protects smoking accessories from bumps and bumps. This bag is suitable for those who prefer a sporty style of clothing.