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Board games for hookah.

Over time, smoking hookah has become accompanied by fun companies, games, and other entertainment for a pleasant pastime. Board games can help brighten up the time spent together. They can entertain and occupy not only a large group but also a few people who have gathered. There are several interesting games that are suitable for hookah.



So, the most popular board games are:

Monopoly – This is a popular game designed for a group of people. It can be played for a long time – from 2 to 4 hours. It is very engaging, and hookah smoke can help “liven up” the game;

Mafia – this game is relevant only if the group consists of more than 7 people. Mafia is intended for fun and relaxed pastime, as it does not require active participation in the game, where innocent villagers try to find the mafia;

Card games – these are not just ordinary cards that we are used to playing with. These can be games like “Uno,” “Citadels,” and others. To play card games, you need at least 2 people. While playing, you can enjoy the smoke and communicate with each other;

Eurogames – these games can be played with a small group as well as a group of 8 people. These games actively use cards, tokens, and special game boards. These games can last 30 minutes or a couple of hours – it all depends on the enthusiasm and desire of the participants;

Activity – requires some movement with thinking. In some of these activities, you need to draw, in some you need to give clues, and in some you need to use hand gestures. These are all movements, and these games are popular. Enthusiastic participants will enjoy taking pulls of the hookah and enjoying each other’s company;

Fillers – short games that take 15 minutes. The game consists of dice or cards, without a game board. With these quick games, you can have a fun time without much thought. They are great to play when people in the group are not very familiar with each other – these activities will help people get closer. However, this pastime will also not be in vain for friends who have known each other for a long time;

Duel games – suitable for a group of two people. These include familiar games like checkers, chess, backgammon, and others. These games are great for a hookah leisure;

Dungeons and Dragons – this game has mainly gained popularity in the USA. To play it, you need to apply imagination and creativity. The group for this game should be large – you need a game master and participants who will immerse themselves in the fantastic world. Here, the hookah can not only be a pleasant addition to the gathering but also a part of the game, adding elements to it.

For hookah enthusiasts who enjoy smoking alone, there are also activities aimed at mental engagement. Special collections for single players are available for sale – such as “Arkham Horror,” “Settlers,” and others. Then smoking hookah will acquire some meaning, and playing in the clubs of smoke will become more mysterious.

This, of course, is not a complete list of board games that can complement hookah entertainment. Almost any game of this type can be adapted for a fun time with hookah, as the main thing is the desire. It is important not to focus solely on the game, but to enjoy pleasant emotions and impressions from the time spent with friends. If you smoke hookah alone and decide to spice up your leisure time with a board game, you should also do it with enjoyment in the process, as otherwise everything will lose its meaning.

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