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10 top flavors for Black Burn hookah tobacco

About Black Burn hookah tobacco

Blackburn hookah tobacco with flavors for those who like it stronger, is produced in Russia from a special blend of Burley sheets: Toasted Burley. Rich, bright and memorable, it is suitable for home use and serving in themed establishments. We have collected the top Black Burn flavors in one list to make it convenient to choose the best ones at the moment from a diverse line.

Aromatic hookah tobacco is produced in packages of 20, 25, 100 and 200 grams. Since Black Burn flavors mix well with each other, fans of original mixes can take boxes of 25 and 100 grams to try. According to reviews, the strength of the tobacco feels higher than that of the famous Darkside. Although the nicotine content in them is almost the same: 0.277% (Black Burn) and 0.273% (Darkside Core).

1. Black Burn Ice Baby (Berry Sorbet with Grapefruit)

A limited collection released in collaboration with Russian rap artist Alexei Dolmatov, known to the public as “Guf”. The sweet notes of berry sorbet pair perfectly with the refreshing citrus of grapefruit without being too acidic on the palate. Reviews for Burn Black Ice Baby are very good, and it is actively promoted at fashion parties.



2. Black Burn Pear Lemonade (Something Fresh)

Something in the language of exquisite freshness. An explosive blend of ripe pear, ice cubes and aromatic mint. Great for hot parties and summer holidays with friends. These Black Burn flavors are suitable for those who want to smoke for a long time without getting bored.



3. Black Burn Raspberries (Ripe Forest Raspberries)

Fragrant, exquisitely sweet raspberries have a slight sourness in the aftertaste. The refreshing smoke of a hookah with ripe red berries will fill the room with alluring clouds of steam. Even those around you will like the smell, and hookah lovers will appreciate the opportunity to smoke this tobacco solo. A standalone, truly delicious version of Black Burn.



4. Black Burn Pineapple Shock

It is no coincidence that this option ended up in the top tastes of Black Burn. If you like fresh pineapples “not from a jar with syrup”, and like the tingling sensation on your tongue, then this tobacco is an ideal choice for solo scoring. Juicy, aromatic and as exotic as possible, with a very light floral flair at the end. If you want to mix Pineapple Shock into any mix, all the “tropical” options will do (Coconut, Mango, Mint, etc.). Surprisingly, there is no excess acidity in the aftertaste, as expected.


5. Black Burn On Chile (Tropical Juice)

Another interesting collaboration with a famous personality from Black Burn. The name fully justifies the taste: sweet, ripe passion fruit with a slight sourness of tropical fruit and refreshing notes of pineapple. The signature tobacco of the tandem BLACKBURN & Dzhigan will be a real sensation at the party. The tropical blend simultaneously charges you with the freshness of fruits and allows you to sip with a delicious aroma in a hookah. Available in limited edition jars.

6. Black Burn Strawberry Jam

Top tobacco flavors Black Burn couldn’t help but present the berry classic with Strawberry Jam. Delicate berry aroma without unnecessary chemicals, very sweet, rich taste. The clouds of smoke seem to coat your tongue with strawberry jam. At the same time, there is no particular cloying, the aftertaste has a slight sour note. Great for any berry blends, you can also add “chill” or classic mint.


7. Black Burn Red Orange

Red, Sicilian orange has an unusual taste for citrus fruits. Very rich, sweet and explosively refreshing. This is an ideal tobacco for mixing with sweet pastries, mint, and carbonated drinks. This Black Burn tastes interesting with the classic taste of cinnamon and tobacco. Whether you’re looking for a versatile solo or an unusual addition to your blends, Red Orange is it.


8. Black Burn Grape Lollipop (Grape Chupa Chups)

Very long-lasting tobacco with maximum aftertaste. It feels like fresh grape juice has been poured into a bowl. The amazing mix of sweetness from soda, lollipop and natural fruit pleases you. The tobacco perfectly withstands dense packing, overheating and does not change the taste even on the last pulls. Recommended for solo smoking, although some authors try mixing Grape Lollipop with pineapple or coconut. The result is such an eclectic mix, where each component reveals itself separately, without overlapping each other.

9. Black Burn Melon Halls

The mystical aroma of melon relaxes, and the original taste of refreshing candies makes you invigorate. The tobacco is heat-resistant, like all varieties of the line, so it ideally withstands long-term smoking. You can use it solo or with a mix, without fear of losing the original signature taste of the “double effect” of candy. Very juicy and strong hookah tobacco.



10. Black Burn Haribon (Cola Gummies)

A godsend for lovers of blends with alcoholic flavors. Although jelly beans with fizzy cola will also work great in a solo jam. Strong, sweet and refreshing at the same time. Can be supplemented with orange, grape and lemon.



Tips for packing Black Burn hokah tobacco

We have sorted out the top flavors of Black Burn tobacco, all that remains is to give a couple of tips on packing it. Flavored tobacco:

  • Withstands the classic hour of smoking.
  • Delicious and heat resistant.
  • The strength is high “dark”.
  • The collection includes solo varieties and bright blends.
  • So good that it is promoted by famous public figures.

To reveal the aroma and strength, you will need 4 coals, which will heat the mixture for about 5 minutes. Then be sure to remove one of the coals. Black Burn should be hammered by carefully grinding the tobacco, removing any large twigs from the leaves. Use clay or silicone models as a bowl. The best option is the classic Turkish form.

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